Summer Birds Mandala Colouring Book

Summer Birds Mandala Colouring Book

Art by Ave

Colouring is a proven method of relieving stress, relaxing, and increasing positive feelings. Whether you’re an experienced artist or you haven’t picked up a pencil crayon since school, this delightful summer-themed mandala colouring book is perfect for unwinding and getting into a better frame of mind.

Book features:

  • 30 artist-drawn mandalas featuring birds, nests, eggs, and more
  • Fun and whimsical designs to keep you engaged for hours
  • Each page has a blank backside to prevent bleed-through and allow you to fully enjoy each image
  • Artistic mandalas perfect for whatever your preferred medium is—markers, pencil crayons, gel pens, watercolours, and more

If you’re looking for a better way to pass your time while also relieving stress and feeling better, order your copy today!

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